Finally taking the time to grieve six years later.

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It began with a sleepless night

I laid in bed wide awake, slowly giving up hope that I was actually going to sleep before my alarm went off. It was dark, peaceful, quiet — except for my cat purring contently next to me. …

Conspiracy theorists often lack certain protective factors that would otherwise deter them from becoming trapped in a false belief.

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Why are some people so prone to believing in conspiracy theories? It can be hard to grasp how people can believe in things that are so outside the realm of normalcy that the beliefs seem delusional to everyone else.

The truth is that it is not just “some” people that…

Anti-Latino movements of the past still have an impact on identity in Mexican and other Latinx communities living in the U.S.

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For many Latinx individuals living in the United States, trying to come to terms with their identity can be a very confusing task. On one hand, being told to act and be an American and on the other to fully embrace their cultural background. …


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It is Friday
on the city’s rooftop.
A full, white, marble moon
morphing light into fascinating fury!
A full silken night sky
spackled with small,
faded sequins.

I stand in my black boot heels,
wind whipping through my hair,
my hollow heart harpooned
by the hands of a Judas.


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I’m blooming with the tree and flower buds awakening from the slumber of hibernation by the nudge of the sun forecasting warmer, longer days. The fruit I thought I’d never see is starting to grow on long green vines. …


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My body rolls in tune with the tide,
flowing and rolling
then crashing in time.

Summer winds glide
over rushing ripples
just to get to me-
to embrace me,
to dance with me,
to weave itself through me.

My tresses dressed with ocean bijous,
my skin,
supple with salt.


17 April 2021 Saturday poetry prompt: what about the pace? By J.D. Harms

Photo by Gilles Desjardins on Unsplash

I was enjoying the afternoon in my favorite spot under my favorite weeping willow when a stranger sat for a rest on the other side of the tree and,

without ever turning towards me, asked how I…

In a survey conducted, Black respondents reported experiencing stigma and having their symptoms minimized by mental health providers

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The words “mental health” and “mental illness” have become prominent keywords in social justice advocacy. Awareness is quickly being brought to mental health issues such as the lack of accessibility for treatment, the need for eliminating stigma, and the need to accept mental health as a crucial part of healthcare…

Photo by Liza Pooor on Unsplash

For the last several months, the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has plunged the United States and the rest of the global community into uncharted territory. Scientists and health officials have worked tirelessly in an attempt to understand the new strain of coronavirus and keep civilians safe.

Health officials…

Melissa Rodriguez

Licensed mental health professional, writer, yogi, and lover of nature. I have a hippie heart and a wandering soul.

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